Julian Present is a photographer and graphic designer based in Graz where he just recently completed his master of arts in communication design. During his studies he worked for agencies like Studio Brighten, Zwupp and treat but also did many freelance projects for corporate clients like Milka, Uber and Alexander Wang. He always keeps in mind that standstill is regression and therefore focusses on the experimental and contemporary visual language of design.

Graphic Design, Branding, Editorial Design, Web Design, Photography, Animation

Selected Clients
Wiener Linien, Raiffeisen, Caritas, Forward Festivals, Audi, TedX, Makava, Alexander Wang, Running Order, BNKR Munich, secession, Kunsthall Trondheim, Salzburger Kunstverein, Wentrup, Milka, Bipa, OktoTV, Grand Ferdinand, Create, EnGarde, Lendwirbel, IIM Graz, Talentcenter, Neuroth, Uber.

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