The Change Club is an online-exhibition from Communication-Design students of the FH Joanneum in Graz. During a course we created all-together 38 animated posters and although the style of the posters is quiet diverse there is still the thematic mutuality that they all deal with environmental and sociopolitical issues. My contribution was the creative direction of the whole project, as well as creating a poster series of six together with my partner in crime Fiona Tatschl called „Less is more“. It shows examples of less being actually more. More for the environment, more for every living being on this planet and also more for yourself. The posters deal with topics like overconsumption, our current „throw-away society“ and the immense pollution of our environment. The language of the posters is simple, using only black and white typography to communicate what really matters. The posters are brought to life by using simple but distinct animations.

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